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Iwc Replica Watches has created a special column-wheel automatic chronograph to mark the occasion. The world cup is set to begin in Brazil and Iwc Replica Watches will be the official timekeeper. The Big Bang Unico BiRetrograde Chrono includes a central retrograde display that shows the chrono minutes and seconds. Iwc Replica Watches is the first to introduce this feature and use it to highlight the model's inspiration. The minute scale on the watch clearly shows a 45-minute interval, which is the same as the duration of half a soccer game. It can be used to easily measure the remaining time until the match ends. It can also be used to track the extra time that the referee determines as well as the eventual overtime. The FIFA 2014 World Cup watch is available in limited editions. The limited edition red gold model is only 100 copies and costs $42,000. The ceramic version, however, is available in double the number of copies at $26,300.

The New Iwc Replica Watches Timekeeper is a Break from the RoutineWhen it comes to creating special commemorative models, we usually see only cosmetic changes made to a standard model. Iwc Replica Watches's Big Bang novelty, however, has a brand-new feature: a central clock with bi-retrograde displays. The Iwc Replica Watches had never before used this complication in any of its models. It is also a complication which is appropriate to the model's origin. The dial has two central hands which move on a retrograde scale in the upper third. The minute hand is yellow and the scale of the hand is green to make it easier to read. The choice of green and yellow is a clear tribute to Brazil as the host nation for the championship.

The Minute Scale also includes a section in red at the 45-minute mark, which represents the half-time of a soccer game. The scale has 15 additional minutes to compensate for any additional interval that the referee may decide upon to make up the "blank minutes" during the interruption of the match. Iwc Replica Watches ensured that the wearer would be covered in the event the game reached two extra periods as there is a 15 minute interval clearly marked on the minute scale.Hublot Replica Watches There is also an aperture below the retrograde scales which shows the half or extra time that is being measured. This changes automatically when the chronograph has been activated, stopped and reset in the traditional way (the chrono pusher is at two o'clock, and the other actions performed at four o'clock).

Iwc Replica Watches Bi-Retrograde Big Band Chrono includes, in addition to the stopwatch function, a basic timekeeping display. The sub-counter is located at the bottom part of the dial and displays the hours, minutes and small seconds.

A Patent Pending Automatic Movement and Three Days of Power ReserveEach of these features, including the innovative bi-retrograde central chronograph that the brand is patenting, are enabled by its own HUB1260 Unico mechanical self-winding movement. The caliber is made up of 385 parts and 44 jewels. The chronograph is built using a column-wheel design. Its dual coupling is exposed in two small skeletonized pieces on either side of the half display.

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